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Equipment and Utensils

Equipment and Utensils

Equipment Maintenance, Design, and Installation

  • All equipment shall be designed in such a manner to effectively and efficiently fulfill its use while protecting the product from       contamination.
  • All equipment shall be of food-grade, smooth, impervious, non-toxic, non-absorbent and corrosion-resistant material where it has direct product contact.
  • All non-food grade materials such as wire, tape, string, wood and cardboard shall not be used as a temporary design or repair.
  • All equipment shall be free of rough surfaces and cracked walls where product may become static and make cleaning difficult.
  • All equipment shall be free of oil leaks and excessive grease buildup or bearings and motor housing where it may contaminate product.
  •  Equipment shall be constructed in such a manner to preclude metal to metal contact.
  • Appropriate lids/covers shall be provided to protect the product from contamination.
  • All food equipment shall be installed in such a manner to provide easy access for cleaning and inspections.
  •  Equipment shall be free of flaking paint and rust.
  • Conveyor belts shall be free of loose string, metal clips and loose pieces of rubber.
  •  All processing equipment shall be free of leaks at valves, gaskets, fittings, etc.
  • Thermometers, recording charts and pressure gauges shall be provided where applicable.  They must be in good working order and easily accessible.
  • Equipment shall be designed to preclude or divert condensations away from product and product contact surfaces.

Unessential Items

  • Unessential items are items which when not stored in their proper place contribute to poor housekeeping and pest control problems. These shall be properly managed and stored.
  •  Brooms, squeegees and mops should have hangers and should be kept off the floor.
  • Small articles such as pencils, knives, fused, tools, etc. should not be left in or on electrical panels, switchboards, processing equipment etc.
  • Idle equipment should be removed from processing areas and stored in a clean fashion.
  • Obsolete equipment shall not be allowed to accumulate to the point of causing housekeeping or pest control problems.

Equipment Cleanliness

  • All processing equipment shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.
  •  Each piece of equipment shall have written procedures for complete breakdown and cleaning.
  • All equipment/utensils shall be stored in a sanitary manner when not in use.
  • All equipment shall be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule that insures that wholesomeness of the product by reducing bacterial loads.
  • All cleaning procedures shall be followed as outlined in the cleaning manual.
  • Valves, gaskets and pumps shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.
  • All reusable ingredient containers should be thoroughly cleaned before re-use.
  • No steel wool or metal sponges should be used in the cleaning of equipment.