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Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

Cleaning and sanitizing of utensils and equipment shall be conducted in a manner that protects against the contamination of food, food contact surfaces, or food packaging materials.

  • Buildings, fixtures, and other physical facilities of the plant shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and shall be kept in repair sufficient to be food from becoming adulterated.
  • All food contact surfaces, including and food contact surfaces of equipment, shall be cleaned as frequently as necessary to protect against the contamination of food.
  • Food contact surfaces used for manufacturing or holding low moisture food shall be in a dry sanitary condition at the time of use.
    • When surfaces are wet-cleaned, they shall, when necessary, be sanitized and thoroughly dried prior to subsequent use.
  • In wet processing, when cleaning is necessary to protect against the introduction of microorganisms into food, all food contact surfaces shall be cleaned and sanitized prior to use and after any interruption during which the food contact surfaces may have become contaminated.
  • Where equipment and utensils are used in a continuous production operation, the utensils and food contact surfaces of the equipment shall be cleaned and sanitized as necessary.
  • Cleaned and sanitized portable equipment and utensils should be stored in a location and manner that protects food contact surfaces from contamination.
  • Single service articles should be stored in appropriate containers and hall be handles, dispensed, used, and disposed of in a manner that protect against contamination of food and food contact surfaces.
  • Sanitizing agents shall be adequate and safe under conditions of use.
    • Any facility, procedure, or machine is acceptable for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils if it is established that the facility, procedure, or machine will routinely render equipment and utensils clean and provide adequate cleaning and sanitizing treatment.
  • Cleaning compounds and sanitizing agents used in cleaning and sanitizing procedures shall be free from undesirable microorganisms and shall be safe and adequate under the conditions of use.