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The Science of Cheese Making (Basic Level)

This workshop is designed for cheese manufacturers or others interested in the basic concepts of cheese making and is a required part of the Dairy Extension Basic Cheese Certificate Program.

The course begins with an online lecture component covering the key areas related to basic cheese making techniques, cheese culture basics, milk defects, cheese defects, cheese marketing and cheese making activities. 

Online Course Requirement: Failure to complete the online portion of the workshop by specified date will result in the cancellation of your registration and the forfeiture of your registration fees.

Additional Information:

Course Information:

  • Tuition is $650-$725 for in-state registrants
  • Tuition is $725-$880 for out of state registrants
  • Enrollment is limited to the first 20 participants

Workshop Dates:

For additional information/questions regarding the workshop, please contact:
Louise Felker