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High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurizer Operator Workshop

This workshop is designed for pasteurizer operators, but should be beneficial to all involved with milk pasteurization, including production, QA/QC & maintenance personnel. The course is instructed by industry experts and representatives from NYS Agriculture & Markets and provides an overview of the design, operation, cleaning and maintenance of HTST systems. All required regulatory tests for HTST pasteurizers will be discussed and/or presented in a hands-on format to meet the training requirements for performing HTST system testing under the NY State Broken Seal Policy. Information on HTST/UP systems will be covered, as warranted. Background in dairy microbiology, product safety & quality will also be provided.  

Additional Information:

Course Information:

  • Tuition is $750.00-$880 for in-state registrants
  • $880.00- $1100 for out of state registrants
  • Enrollment is limited to the first 40 participants

Workshop Dates:

April 14-16, 2020
Course registrations moved to July and October workshops
Location:  Cornell University, Ithaca NY

July 14-16, 2020
Course Full
Live, Instructor-led via Video Conference

October 13-15, 2020
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Live, Instructor-led via Video Conference

For additional information/questions regarding the workshop, please contact:
Louise Felker