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Sample Agenda Certified HACCP

Day 1
8:00am Registration & Coffee

Welcome & Introductions
Group Formation

8:30am Introduction to Environmental Monitoring
9:00am Introduction to HACCP
9:30am GMP Overview
10:15am Break
10:30am Food Safety Hazards
11:15am Allergen Controls
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Preliminary Steps
  • Group Activity:
    • Team Formation
    • Product Description
    • Intended Users
    • Flow Diagram
1:30pm Teach Back
2:00pm Break
2:15pm Prerequisite Programs
3:30pm Adjourn



Day 2
8:00am Registration & Coffee
8:15am Day 2 Overview
8:30am Principles 1 & 2
  • Group Activity:
    • Hazard Analysis
    • Determine CCPs
9:40am Teach Back
10:15am Break

Principles 3-5

  • Group Activity:
    • Critical Limits
    • Monitoring Records
    • Corrective Actions
11:30am Teach Back
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Principles 6 & 7
  • Group Activity:
    • Verification
    • Record Keeping
1:45pm Recall
2:15pm Internal Auditing
2:45pm Course Wrap Up