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Dairy Science and Sanitation

The Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop is tailored to dairy processing personnel and is designed to help participants understand the basic principles of dairy science and safety, as well as emphasize dairy processing establishment needs related to dairy sanitation to ensure that proper programs are conducted in their establishments. 

The course consists of on-line lecture sessions that will cover basic dairy science, including composition of milk, dairy microbiology, and dairy food safety, as well as an overview of dairy regulations. Participants will also learn in on-hands on sessions the basics of cleaning and sanitizing principles, unit operations -- both raw milk production and receiving, and dairy processing, plant equipment and design, general control of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms, in depth information on cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, their properties and applications, and a discussion on CIP and COP systems and common errors seen in the industry.  The course also provides hands-on sessions where both CIP and COP principles will be applied.  

The Dairy Science & Sanitation Workshop is the integral/central component of the Dairy Foods Certificate Program being offered at Cornell University. Individuals may register for the workshop and enroll in the Dairy Foods Certificate Program, or register for the course as a stand-alone program. This course is also available as on-site training.

Tuition is $650.00 for in-state registrants -- $725.00 for out of state registrants.   Enrollment is limited to the first 30 participants.  Course earns 2 CEUs.

*As part of the Dairy Extension Curriculum Program, this course is designed as the pre-requisite course that fulfills the requirements for certificates in The Science of Yogurt and Fermented Dairy Products, The Science of Cheese Making, Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety, and Membrane Filtration, Separation, & Drying Technology.

Workshop Dates: February 12-13, 2019

Location:  Cornell University, 148 Stocking Hall Conference Center, Ithaca, NY 14853
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Dairy Certificate Program


Workshop Dates: August 20-21, 2019

Location:  Cornell University, 148 Stocking Hall Conference Center, Ithaca, NY 14853
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Dairy Certificate Program

For additional information/questions regarding the workshop, please contact Louise Felker (607-255-7098;